Delivering the dough: How Chip Cookies boosts employee happiness with daily pay

Chip Cookies

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like a warm chocolate chip cookie. The melty chips. The sugary dough. The hit of both salt and sweet. With six locations throughout Utah and Idaho and nationwide shipping, family-owned Chip Cookies has been serving up this ultimate comfort food since 2017, delivering delectable cookies – with milk, of course […]

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Announcing our Series A

It’s hard to believe it was less than two years ago when I first heard of the idea for what would become Everee. Ron Ross, a good friend of mine, was a concerned parent trying to help his daughter navigate her finances. She was making enough to cover her expenses, but the timing of her […]

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How small businesses can access loans during the COVID-19 crisis

Closed restaurant

It’s only been a few weeks since work and life changed radically, thanks to new social and physical distancing requirements. In that short time, however, many businesses across the country are coping with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  While some businesses remain open as essential businesses, many companies are facing an extreme slowdown in […]

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Why I’m joining Everee

We’ve all been there. It’s a few days before payday, and you’re low on cash. You’ve gotten used to scraping by and limiting expenses as payday nears, but this time something happens. Your car breaks down. Your electric bill is higher than you planned for. You’ve run out of groceries.  When my kids were little, […]

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Closing Everee’s seed round: Accelerating our work to disrupt the payroll cycle

When I think back over the last year since we started building Everee, there are several moments I’ll never forget. Finding our banking partner. Launching the initial experiences in our app. Getting our first customers. Receiving feedback from employees who are now getting paid daily. Two weeks ago, we hit our biggest milestone to date. […]

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